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To my fans, talk to me!

2016-12-27 15:08:56 by BELLUMART

I''ve been surprised by how well i been recieved so far on newgrounds.

Was very hesitant to start posting here cuase i didnt think my kind of art would be accepted. To sort of celebrate, i felt the urge to create a journal to start a dialog with you folks, comment or ask me whatever! 

I'm all ears 



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2016-12-27 15:50:41

Why is abbreviation such a long word?

BELLUMART responds:

My intention was just to have "BELLUM", which is the latin word for "war"

Unfortunately, the "BELLUM" user name was already taken and i couldn't even place a dash between the word "BELLUM" and "ART".....maybe i should've tried lower case letters now that i think about it....


2016-12-27 19:56:26

Congrats to your reception here.

How long have you been drawing?

(Updated ) BELLUMART responds:


There was a period in my life i treated drawing as a hobby, a cycle doing it consistently for a few months then stopping cold turkey for a another few months. A cycle that repeated for a better part of 7 years.

Only in recently i started drawing seriously, since 2012 since i've been drawing non stop.

In short, on and off for 7 years.

Consistently for 4 years.


2017-01-02 10:09:09

Hey again BELLUMART; welcome to the site! Glad to hear it's faring well so far. :)

Interesting story behind your name too. Typed together it really becomes more a nickname than compound words (especially with ALL CAPS too ;).